YonSeL Corp

YonSeL Corp, a way forward to a better Haiti.

The President and CEO

Byssainthe-Loubens Theork was born and raised in Ile de la Tortue, Haiti in 1984.  Like most Haitian children, Loubens attended Catholic school from pre to Middle school.  Loubens and his family moved to the United States in 1998.  He completed his high school at Hyde Park High School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.  Loubens remained an outstanding and very involved student throughout high school.  He constantly made honor roll and led many programs such as BYOP (the Boston-area Youth Organization Project), Student Government, The Academy of Finance, and the Haitian-American Student Union (an organization he co-founded), to name a few.  Loubens also developed strong passions for his community and his native country of Haiti.  He mentored many young students throughout his high school, both students from his school and the community.  He also launched L'Union Fait LaForce (Unity Gives Strength, words taken from the Haitian flag), an organization fully funded by the Theork family to help struggling families in Haiti pay their school expenses.  To start the program, Loubens used allowance money he received from his parent.  He later accepted his first job at the local library to help support the program.  Upon graduation from Hyde Park High in 2002, he was awarded the Posse Leadership and Merit Scholarship (the 3rd from his family to have won the award) to attend Hamilton College.  

 At Hamilton College, Loubens studied Economics and World Politics.   Loubens continued to excel during his undergraduate years.  He was actively involved with the Study Buddy Club (a group that mentored local high school and middle school students), the West Indian and African Association (served as co-Chair his senior year), the Black Student Union (served as Treasury and Secretary of Information), the Brothers (served as Ambassador), and Income Tax Assistance Program (helping low income families to file their income tax for free), to name a few.  Loubens also continue to spend both time and part of the limited resources that he had to helping families in Haiti.  He used most of the money he earned during his summer internships to support and expand L'Union Fait LaForce in Haiti.  Upon graduation, Loubens joined Mellon Bank.  He worked there for 2 years as a Sr. Business Analyst.  In 2008, he decided to accept a new position  with Fidelity Investments.  He currently works there as a General Management Apprentice, a corporate-wide, two year leadership development program designed to develop high-potential talent, including four six month assignments across various business groups, job functions and geographic regions that will propel the graduates into leadership roles.  Loubens completed his MBA focusing on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operations at the Sawyer Business School (Suffolk University) in Boston in 2012.  He graduated a Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Loubens decided to launch YonSeL Corp in April 2011 primarily to help move the development of the country more aggressively in favor of the general population.  YonSel Corp will be fully functional and open for business in 2016.  Political stability is critical for the success of the business.  With this in mind, Loubens intentionally wanted to wait for a successful democratic transition in Haiti prior to fully dedicate his limited resources and time to the business.  Like any business, YonSeL Corp will strive to maintain high profit margins for its stakeholders.  We will always aim for compromises that maximize benefits for all of our stakeholders as feasibly as possible.  Major stakeholders include our customers, our employees, the communities where we run our businesses, investors/stockholders, and the environment.  YonSel will remain private with the Theork family retaining majority ownership and the employees/executives owning at least 15% of the business. We will aim to provide our services at the lowest price possible to our customers, pay our employees at least 30% higher than the living wage, and abide by all applicable local, regional and international laws/regulations.  

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